10 Unique Gifting Ideas This Year

10 Unique Gifting Ideas This Year

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” –Albert Einstein
The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for most of us. Finally, it is coming to end giving us bitter and sweet experiences that we shall remember for our lifetime. I would like to focus on the positives that this year has given me rather than focusing on the negatives. This year has taught us a lot of things- to value human relations, to focus on spiritual and mental health, to focus on sustainable living, to focus on being a minimalistic et al. I strongly believe that the year 2020 has giving a whole new meaning to the lives that we were living until last year.
As this year is coming to an end, I have complied the below list of 10 Unique Gift Ideas that we can give to our kinsmen and friends to make them feel special and thank them for being there by our side through thick and thin!

1 . Health Drinks

This year was all about being more vigilant about our health – physical, mental and spiritual(all of them are interrelated to each other, me thinks) and focusing on boosting our immunity to fight the Coronavirus. There are a lot of health drinks available in the market that boosts our immunity and help us in fighting various infections. Amla and Aloe Vera drinks are in huge demand these days. Grab a bottle of the health drink of your choice or of the choice of your loved ones and gift the goodness of health to them this New Year along with the pledge to be more vigilant about it. Trust me, you would be making a huge difference in their lives.


2. Apparels

Who doesn’t love to be dressed up? If you want to make your loved one look stylish, gift him/her the apparel of his/her choice. You can pick up from the trending outfits of the season- Quilted Jackets, Sweat shirts, Pullovers, Warm dresses, Blazers, Overcoats to name a few. Apart from choosing the readymade options available, you can opt for ‘upcycling’ which is the latest and the most popular trend. All you have to do is to give your old clothes to a tailor who is into customization of clothes and get a fresh piece of apparel of your choice be made out of it. There are a lot of vendors in the market offering customized tailoring and upcycling of the old clothes. In this way, you would be able to hold on to the precious memory associated with the old garment of yours.

For Baby Girls


3. Personalized Photo Frames

Everyone likes personalized gifts. If you want to make your loved ones feel extra special, just collect all the memorable photographs, make a collage, take print, select a nice photo frame, wrap it nicely and gift it to them on New Year’s eve. I am sure, they would love it more than any other gift. I am personally of the strong opinion that personalized gifts are always liked by the people over any other gifts as they convey our emotions that we might not be able to express otherwise!

4. Plants

Gifting a plant is the most favorable choice as it purifies the air and enhances the emotional quotient of the people staying the house. So, this New Year, gift plants to the people you love and add a smile to their face and take the promise from them to take care of your gift of love throughout their life like their own baby. You can choose from the variety of options available like Bonsais for glorious wishes, Bamboo for Feng Shuai wishes, Air-purifying plants for health wishes to name a few.


5. Greeting Cards

I remember the time when I was in my teens, it was a custom in our family to exchange beautiful hand written greeting cards on the New Year’s morning and seek the blessings of the elders. Those memories still give me goosebumps. But with the digitization, the hand written greeting cards have been replaced by the E-cards. So, this New Year, let’s relive our childhood and send the hand written greeting cards to our precious ones and make them feel more special. It will definitely bring a smile on their face and you would be able to express your love and gratitude to them in a better way!

6. Hand Knitted Toys

These days people have developed a liking for the handmade stuff. There is a lot of market demand for the hand knitted toys in India. These hand knitted toys make for a unique and personalized gift for your friends and family. You can browse the web and find out for the details of the organizations/ NGOs/ SHGs making the hand knitted toys and selling them. These toys are also available on the various e-commerce portals.

7. Gift Vouchers

These days, everyone likes to shop online. So, to make this New Year special for your loved ones by giving them the gift voucher from their favorite ecommerce portal or of their favorite brand. It is a thoughtful gift for your shopaholic friend or a family member. The smile that you would see on their face after getting the gift voucher would be priceless.

8. Quilts

The winter season is at its peak. So, let’s think of gifting the warmth of love to your loved ones through the variety of quilts available in the market. There are a lot of options available at the local vendors or at the various ecommerce portals these days. The popular variety includes – Hand block Print Quilt, Patch Work Quilts , Kantha Stitch Quilts, Fine Cotton Cover Quilt to name a few. They also add to the elegance of your bedroom and are easy to maintain. So, what are you waiting for? Order one quilt for your loved ones right now and make them feel loved this New Year.

9. Special Gifts for your New Born

The birth of the new born is the most memorable day for the family. The lives of each and every family member revolves around the new born. Oh my God! while writing this I am taken down the memory lane when my 3 year old was born and since then, he is the center of our lives. This New Year, gift your new born from the plethora of gifting options available for the new born, some of the popular ones are –

I. Baby Quilts – They are an ideal gifting option to keep your new born warm during this winter season. There are a lot of varieties available in the market – Nursery Print Quilts, Patch Work Quilts, Handblocked Print Quilts, Applique Work Quilts to name a few. These also serve as playmats, AC quilts, throws et al.

II. Baby Bibs – Baby bib is an important daily essential for your new born. It is advisable to go for waterproof baby bibs. It protects him/her from getting wet/moisten while feeding. They are a lot in demand these days. Some of the popular designs that are hit among the new parents are Handblocked print, patch work, applique work, nursery prints and many more.

III. Front Open Cotton Jhablas- The most comfortable daily wear for the new born is the front open cotton Jhabla. It is easier to wear and remove without making your precious one cranky. It is made of fine cotton which is easy on the baby’s skin.

10. Book

It is rightly said that a good books are the best friend of a person. They do shape our thoughts and mindset. This New Year, let’s make a difference in the life of your loved ones buy gifting them a title from their favorite author and helping them to shape better thoughts. I am sure, they would love it!

Thanks For reading – Cheers !!!!

Jigyasa Uniyal

I am a communications professional and content curator with more than a decade of work experience. I am a full-time mother of Yuvaan J Bhatt. I find my solace in travelling and reading. I am a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism. Views expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone!

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