11 mistakes you are making with your daily skin care routine

11 mistakes you are making with your daily skin care routine

Taking care of your skin is important. At this time, we have lots of daily products which guarantee us to have healthy glowing skin. But, are you actually protecting it? Applying products is normal, but we also need to keep those chemicals in mind. These can also lead you various scars on your skin. Rather talk about pimples, acne or coloured patches, you never know which product can cause you any of them! You may have those organic products but your skin needs a lot more than that. .  Below are 11 mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine. Make some efforts for your skin.

11 mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine

1.Not Cleaning Your Skin Enough.

The very important step. You should wash your face/body before and after you apply some product or make-up. Your skin needs to be light and free, it also has to observe oxygen. Even when you have heavy work, make it for a short period of time. Do not go to bed with an applied make-up face.

You can wash your face with an organic face wash or the one which suits best for your skin texture. After that, you can apply a gentle touch of toner or face serum, and then go to sleep. Cleaning up your face helps to wipe out the dead skin cells and rough patches which causes you a dead layer on your skin. There are products for cleansing as well, whether morning or at night. Products or make-up blocks the pores of your skin which further leads you acne, pimples, dead skin and skin infections. Though, you also should not wash your face all the time. And it is better to use a face wash which suits you, normal water may not wipe out some dirt. Twice a day is enough.


2.Ignoring Your Skin Texture.

We can not buy any product in the name of it’s protecting ingredients. It is very important to know the texture of your skin. Products are made based on your skin, oily, rough, normal or all skin type. You should not apply an oily skin product on your rough skin.

The effects make a huge difference. It can lead your rough patches and bruises on your skin.

When it comes to all types, these products can be used in any skin. Not every time it suits all skin, but you can give it a try. Some situations may occur where your skin type can demand of the different product. Like, some people use oily skin products on normal skin type, only because it suits them. It isn’t a worry though if it suits you, it is alright. But, do not keep applying usual products on your skin, keep it light and gentle.


3.Not Drinking Enough And Required Water.

“Drink 7 bottles of water per day” isn’t a myth! Water is one of the most important sources from where your body and blood gets oxygen. Healthy blood means a healthy you. Water intake is not only important for your skin but your respiration as well. Our skin also needs oxygen, that is the only reason for the glow and cleanse of it. Keep yourself hydrated. Your intakes can cause a lot to your skin. It is the biggest of 11 mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine.

Not consuming enough water can cause you dull skin. Not in terms of complexion, but the glow. It nourishes your skin as our skin cells are made up of water. It purifies the cells and let the waste go out of your skin. Which further helps to prevent acne and pimples. You should know that 60 % of your body contains water.

4.Not Moisturising Your Skin.

After every clean and before applying any product, the first you should do is apply some moisturiser on your skin. Moisturisers are important because it keeps a thin layer of protection on your skin which fights some amount of chemicals and dirt. It works as a small glow-up. It keeps your skin smooth and nourished.

Not only before applying any product, use a moisturiser daily. As you get proteins and nutrition from food, the same for the skin, the moisturiser works as the enrichment for your skin. But, moisturiser is less needed in oily skin type. Oily skin gets natural oil from their skin cells. Moisturiser can be used sometimes when for nourishment though. Do not go for any chemical product, make a habit for using organic products, they have more impact and also does not harm your skin.


5.Using More Products.

We all want our skin to deal with the cleanliness and vanishment of impurity. With this urge, many end up using too much of products on their skin. This shouldn’t be an option! Everything has a limit, so does your skin. Do not prepare yourself for experimenting much with your skin. Have limited products for your use. Having layers of chemicals over another can cause you skin infections now and then.

Know your product as well. You should know the ingredients of the mixture you are applying on your skin. It is important because you can be allergic to one of them. And the least you would desire would be a damaged skin! Don’t be so harsh with your skin!


6.Improper Diet.

Your intakes matter!

Having junk is alright, but consuming too much of it is not only harmful to your health, but for your skin as well. Food which is oily, creamy and containing too much fat can cause your pimples and acne. But your body anyhow required some amount of everything. So consuming them not at all is also not applicable. But every skin has its own suitable meal. Know your texture and eat accordingly. Some skin suits oily food and some does not. Know your skin type and their suitable food routine.

Though, eat healthily. Your meal should be consistent and have all the vitamins and minerals which your skin and body demand for. Do not overeat and neither eat very less, have your balance.


7.Not Washing Your Equipment.

It is a misinterpretation a person can use their own used equipment! When you apply make-up, wash your brushes. The chemicals which are already present on the brush mix up with another when they are kept in a place. Do not make a fault of using used brushes even of your own. It can cause many skin infections. The chemical which is already present on your used brush can go in your mouth, nose or eyes, and even can stay on your lips. This can lead you in some medical reactions. Also, you won’t be able to blend your make-up properly!

Not only that, but the research says that you should wash your hairbrush once a month. It clearly defines that your skin needs sanity. Your skin is sensitive and gentle. Keep your skin clean and dirt-free, which also be contained by your grooming equipment as well.

8.Sleepless Nights.

Just like your daily routine, your sleeping schedules also makes a difference! “Beauty sleep of eight” is a very true statement. You may have heard of dark-circles, which are the dark portions under your eyes. It comes from the tiredness and not getting enough sleep. You should have a balanced schedule of everything, no matter your meal, makeover, fitness, sleep, etc. Sleepless schedules make your skin look tired and dull.

You should know that your system generates through the flowing blood in your body. Not getting enough sleep does not allow your body to regain energy. Having your right sleep time makes the blood to flow in every portion of your skin. Further, which causes healthy, beautiful and energetic skin.




One of the cure and degradation at the same time for your skin!

It is important to scrub your face. Having chemicals and wiping them out is not always enough. Scrubbing helps to remove the dead skin cells and cleaning the clogged pores. Acne and pimples can also be prevented by scrubbing. But, make sure that you don’t do it too often. Exfoliating your skin daily can also make you lose your natural oil extracts and skin cells.

Here, too, keep your schedule according to your skin type. If your skin is soft, scrubbing once a week will be enough. And if your skin is rough and tight, you can do it 3-4 times a week. Make a good care routine, it not only prevents your skin but also makes you look happy and bright.


10.Applying Less Sunscreen.

Many have heard this myth that applying too much of sunscreen can burn your skin. It isn’t right!

In fact, you must apply sunscreen whenever you step out of your house under that sun! The SPF of your sunscreen may make a difference because it depends on your skin type. Soft skin may not be able to contain higher SPF or SPF++. Whether a normal skin or dry skin can bare any kind of sunscreen.

The protection from UV rays is correct. Sunscreen does provide you from that. And it necessary, because the UV rays can affect your skin a lot. It also can give you skin diseases. Not only the sun rays, the rain or the wind also contain some chemicals due to the growing pollution, for that matter, but you should also contain a natural sunscreen so that you can apply it in any weather daily!

11.Hot-Water Showers.

But isn’t it good for the muscles?

Though the fact of curing the muscles pain of a hot water shower is true, the same is the one where it causes you skin harm! Having a nice warm shower is not an issue, but if your bath with hot water, it can lead your skin problems. Hot water breaks a very thin layer of oil which is present on your skin naturally. It then causes you dryness and you might feel itchy at the end.

Your muscles might get relaxed but your skin can have an imbalance over the procedure! Even if you do take hot-water showers, make sure that you apply moisturizer after your bath for the relaxation of your skin.

May you always reach out for your skin, because it does consume a lot in your daily routine. Make sure that you take care of these points and have a blooming and healthy skin. Remember, “A beautiful skin needs commitment”.

This post looked at 11 mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine. Hope it helps.

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