5 Best Multiseller E-Commerce Sites In India To Start Selling Online

5 Best Multiseller  E-Commerce Sites In India To Start Selling Online

With the emerging usage of internet, it has easily become a part and parcel of life. Technology has massively changed the thinking and the work culture of Indians. The marketing has altogether taken a new dimension through online modes. Simultaneously,it has facilitated the buying experience as well. The new ‘E’ refers to E-COMMERCE. If one plans for a new venture or a start-up, he has to figure a lot of functionings. Wondering what is required to be thought of for a new venture? It starts with product photography, social marketing strategy, SEO. Above all lies the payment gateway to be aligned with the e-commerce site. One could have a lot of people to help him with all the key elements. However, primarily it is a digital marketing advisor who could work well for you. This article looks at the top 4  multi-seller e-commerce sites in India to start selling online.

The foremost step when you start is choosing the right E-commerce platform. Since there is a big list of such platforms and CMS ( content management system), it becomes difficult to choose one. Specifically, if you aren’t a technical pro. This blog  truly would work well for you and will try to enlighten on the best-suited platform according to your business. 

Nature of business in India?

With a multi-cultural country like India, where small and medium-sized businesses have expanded a lot. Today, Indians covering the market are mostly domestic players and local market people. It won’t e Indian be surprising to know that, the E-commerce market in the Indian subcontinent is expected to reach $84 bn by Dec’2021. Both the B2B and B2C approaches have been popular for quite a time now. The need of the hour in a startup is to find an e-commerce model which is appropriate for the sales and finally visibility. This post tries to answer such a question. It looks at the top 4  multi-seller E-Commerce sites in India to start selling online.

If you would want to know about best online players which would suit your business. YOU ARE AT THE RIFGT PLACE. We intend to help you with hosted E-commerce platforms, keeping in mind the nature of Indian business.

 The Top 4  Multi-seller E-Commerce Sites In India To Start Selling Online:


When it comes to the list of a pro in the market place, Shopify ranks the most. It is a multi-vendor market place. With an approx of 1.18 million user sites, it is the most famous platform, only after Woo Commerce. According to data(23rdDec’19), Shopify sites in India active till then are 4751.

Benefits :

  1. SEO friendly: It complaints well with the Seo accordingly. Google bot crawling is being supported by the templates. The web contents are easily readable by the search engines.
  2. Multiple add-and as well as templates: Colourful and professional templates as well as add-ons are available at your disposal. It proves paid as well as free plug-ins for the users.
  3. Above all is the great customer service: Shopify has a 24*7 customer service and is accessible via class, chats and emails.
  4. Sales: An option is available to upgrade to Shopify Gold ( has about 3600 brand users).More than 165 payment gateway and above 10 logistics integrations primarily for India. Besides, the refunds, shipping, calculations are easily done. Shopify is accessible in most of the languages and additionally, supports selling via Facebook option.



  1. The pricing is slightly high then other e-commerce multi-vendors.
  2. Besides, the UX present in the backend is complex to understand for the beginners.


Furthermore,let’s have a look at the prices now:

There are 3 Shopify plans available for you:


Plan Business type Cost in Dollars per month INR
Basic Beginners $29 Approx  Rs. 2059
Shopify Growing $ 79 Approx  Rs. 5609
Advanced Shopify Mature $ 299 Approx  Rs. 21229


Why is Shopify the most loved Platform?

  • Above all, it is available in most of the major languages
  • Further, it supports sales using Facebook pages
  • It also gives access to buy buttons which makes it easy to sell using blogs and other sites.


Launched in 2011, Zepo is a Mumbai based site which has above 1500 stores as of now. It is known to offer the following: A payment gateway, a site-establishment platform, provides courier facility and integrated logistics. Not to forget it is “ It’s a complete e-commerce package for startups and middle-stage businesses”.


Benefits :

  • It’s a native local brand for Indians and moreover, functions according to the local Indian market.
  • Likewise,it  offers more than a hundred themes and easily customizable The editing could be easily done and changes in the fonts, word, structure and layouts could be tackled easily.
  • Further, it offers enormous add on options ranging from Insts feed to testimonials.
  • Furthermore, Zepo is a smart choice for SEOs.The snippet, meta description, etc. could be edited on the homepage itself.
  • Zepo nevertheless is on its toes to help the customers. The users get due assistance, business and sales advice and onboarding experience and a lot more.
  • Furthermore, for the sales part, It hosts on Rackspace server, much better contrary to other platforms. It is also known for Mobile applications, unpaid payment gateways, enormous image pages etc.



  • Specifically, the images provided for each product is limited for the beginner plans, which isn’t a big issue.

Let’s have a look at the prices now:

Zepo has 3 packages :

Plan Business type Features Pricing
Standard Beginners  Prices are available only on requests.
Professional Growing Mobile apps, integrated courier services, Emails, Customer support
Premium Advanced Mobile apps, integrated courier services, Emails, Customer support


Why is zepo popular?

The best thing is both free shipping service and  customers have multiple pickups option. Moreover, it has several market integrations and 24*7 customer support for increasing sales all across India.



Wix has 2000+ e-commerces store all across the country. According to data, by Jan’2020, 7% of Indian eCommerce sites use Wix. Indeed, that makes it to 3,800,881 in number. The Art of Living Foundation, Vakilsearch Pvt. Ltd as well as Vakilsearch Pvt. Ltd and K7 Computing Pvt. Are two famous organisations using Wix as a medium to increase their web traffic? Besides, It is rated 9.8/10, by website advisor.


Benefits :

  • Abive all, it provides you with more than 500 templates. It also has a wide range of categories which includes, food, fashion, events, online stores, Travel, video options, photography, music and songs, etc. Besides, it also provides an option for storefront customization and has a simple Wix editor.
  • Further,it  has a nice network of web market. The add ons are: Forum, Site booster, Pro-gallery, events, calendars etc.the ratings of the apps is also available.
  • Moreover,Wix has some great Seo tools to improve the site’s visibility. This includes: SEO Ranking Coach, the side boosters and other site add ons.
  • Wix centre stores all the information when once you start your business. It also has an editor, marketing tools, mobile apps, gallery and analytics. Therefore,w ix customer service is easily available via the phone.
  • Besides, Wix also has some great sale features. It eases the shipping services and moreover, the users can check out secure payment and delivery options.


  • It isn’t scalable after a certain point.
  • Hence,Indian Logistics and payment integrations are limited.

Let’s have a look at the pricing:

One can again build a free of cost website using this platform but won’t be getting a customized domain.

Plan Business type INR Features
Premium Beginners Approx  Rs. 29/month Free hosting, Storage up to 500 MB, 0 setup charges and  Google analytics


Why do Customers like Wix?

It is an easy to use and offers its premium features at a minimum price in India. It also includes various professional and creative features.


Started in 2014, it is an eCommerce platform with B2C as well as a B2B business. Furthermore, you have an edge to access the multi-store portal and multi-vendor market place with its themes. It provides its services to approx 30 industries across 15+ countries.


  • It is the 1st e-commerce platform to use PWA version, providing brands with the latest technologies.
  • The templates are mobile-ready and it offers more than 45 of them. In fact, it has various categories ranging from: furniture to electronics and academics to fashion.
  • Besides,it provides the  templates with already built Seo tools. It has an easy to rely on, Builder interface.
  • Provides both National as well as International Pay and logistics integrations.
  • Moreover, it has a team of dedicated professionals to offer customer support service. mEdiums includes phone, email and an e-ticket.
  • Additionally,it has enormous digital market services. The integrations with the marketplace like

eBay, Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal and many more, make it great.



  • Plugins aren’t very creative and are restrictive.
  • Customer support service isn’t that great as compared to other sites.


Further, let’s have a look at the pricing:

Store Hippo offers  4  packages :


Plan Cost in Dollars per month INR
Professional $45 Approx  Rs. 3195
Premium $ 89 Approx  Rs. 6319
Business $ 179 Approx  Rs. 12709
Enterprise $359 Approx  Rs. 25489

What makes StoreHippo different?

It is a new player in the e-commerce market but has progressed well. It also provides E-commerce solution services. Further, the topmost features include Mobile applications, Verification services, customer support, social widgets and many more.

Therefore, choosing between an e-commerce platform is a difficult task in India. In brief,knowing the platforms Usp is the foremost thing. Besides, one should also look at the business category and the growth strategy according to one’s business requirements.

This blog tried to inform about the top 4  multi-seller e-commerce sites in India to start selling online.

Hope it will help!

Good Luck for new-startups!!

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