In the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, it taught us how important it is to take care of our health. With the ongoing new life of this world, treating ourself on a safer side is the biggest concern. Whether it is about going out or sitting at home, some basic measures are supposed to be followed by everyone. Do not take the coronavirus situation casually. As the opening of certain social places has been approved, it is now a much dangerous issue to go out in public. If not others, one should make sure oneself to have all the equipment while they visit any place. This blog looks at 5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world.

Not only this, but we should follow such terms regularly even after the pandemic stays aside.

The impact always stays, and even after the world carries on to live their life with this breaking situation, the least we can do is walk along with every precaution possible. Below are some major ways that you should keep always in mind and follow everywhere.  Let us make taking precaution as our new normal li5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world :

5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world:


  1. Cover Yourself.

It is proven that the virus stays at a place for 5-6 hours, and 2 hours on your skin. It is better if you look out to cover yourself more when you go out. Wear gloves, mask, full sleeve and full-length pants. You can also pull over a jacket on if not a full sleeve. Even if you wish to not fully cover your skin, maintain distance from everyone and do not touch any surface. The virus can affect you from any side, build certain boundaries between you, others and social places. Ask others as well, to take precautions.

As the virus enters your system from your eyes, nose and mouth, these are the very essentials you should cover must. Try to wear sunglasses more when you are out, and if the sun’s dull or you are leaving at night, you can wear those transparent glasses. Do not let yourself and anyone to touch your facial area in any condition, only if it is a doctor’s or medical concern. Enter places which itself take some precautions. Even if it a medical store or a doctor’s cabinet, make sure you sanitise properly and they as well.

Wear your essentials even if you are inside a car. Remove your masks when no one is around you. Sanitise yourself from all over, even your masks. Wash your hands, feet and essentials after you are done sanitising. Sanitise yourself even before leaving you home. You know right, “precautions are better than cure”. One of the most effective 5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world.


  1. Limit Your Outings.

Stay at your home as much as possible. Not only you, restrict your family members as well. This is the best way you can be safe and secure from the virus. Nowadays, everything comes online. We have multiple sites and apps from where you can buy products for you and your home. Try to have groceries or your belongings online, but after that, make sure that you fully sanitise your order. Do not open it out of joy, take precautions. Wear a mask when you take your parcel and maintain distance from the delivery in charge. Even if you are going out, do not make it long. If you are going for grocery shopping, take it all at once, buy every product you need for a month or two, so that you don’t have to shop every time and leave your house.

If there is an important meeting at your office or a family function where your presence is necessary, then again follow the first step, keep your essentials on, maintain distance and take every precaution possible. Do not leave your house for small events or where you can excuse your presence, try to ignore every outing until it is very important. Go for online sessions, communicate with your loved ones through video calls or phone calls, this way you will be connected as well. Precautions can not be much effective if it is one-sided, spread some information about this among your friends and family. People still do not know how big this situation can be. And no wonder, we all are waiting for everything to get into places and settle it to end!


  1. Eat Healthily.

It is not only about taking precautions outside, you have to make your body’s functional systems healthy as well. The virus directly affects your inner body, respiratory in specific, and cause health issues within. Eat healthily and eat homemade food. In the current situation, having a nice dinner outside is probably not a great idea!

Though, our cravings can wait till a limit. Any roadside or restaurant food can be made at home. This will lead you to be more productive and your mom will also be happy to get some rest! Have a diet as well. Homemade food is always better but eats healthily. Consume proteins and vitamins more than fat. Also, have a schedule for your meals. Time makes a difference. If you are taking your meals on time, your digestion cycle will also process/function properly.

Not eating much, shouldn’t happen at the same time. It is proved that being on a diet where you do not eat, can be dangerous for your health. Food gives you protein and all the nutrition you need for a healthy system, fat is a minor consumption which comes more from junk food. Though not eating junk isn’t what we are talking about, fat consumption is also necessary. It gives the power to build your muscles and strength. “Skip the diet, just eat healthily”.


  1. It is quite a condition for the gym freaks!

No matter how much you control your meals and go on a diet routine if you aren’t doing any kind of physical activity, you won’t see a difference! Treat yourself fine, and do not get too harsh. Set a time which suits you best or you are comfortable in because unless you won’t make it through properly. There no as such time for a workout. Adjust your surroundings and start some cardio. Going out for a run is better but have a mask with yourself. For any exercise, if you are leaving your home, do wear a mask and carry some sanitiser-take precautions.

The best for the current situation is a home workout.

You get to see many videos on the internet for your help, take them and start working out. No one starts big, take your steps in level. Intense workout or hitting core isn’t necessary. You can jump on them later when you will build more strength. Focus on staying healthy and fit rather popping out some muscles. Buy equipment for your home workout if you need, that can make your exercise very effective. Live sessions can also help. Join some live workout sessions which are available on social media, they can also help you to set a routine.

Dance is a new workout as well. Ever heard of Zumba? These workouts can be really fun! If you are groovy and would prefer a little excitement in your exercise, these dance cardio are best for you. And they are as effective as the others. As they say, “give your calories the last dance”.


  1. Be Creative, More Productive.

We probably do not have many options when we are just sitting at our home. We can’t go out and explore places. Neither can go to work. But this situation allows you to know how creative you are!

It can be painting, singing, dancing, making music, cooking, pottery, crafting, playing musical instruments, styling, thrift, blogging, and many more, basically, everything handmade. Till now, the reports have a count that in this quarantine phase, many people started their own company. Many of them posted things/discovered that they are capable of. Do not just back with your mobile phones when you are getting bored. Try to be creative and productive. If you are good at something, you’ll initially discover it anyhow. Take this situation as a chance.

Many local businesses took hights along with local artists. Everyone is trying to rediscover themselves and showcase their skills. Also, selling your work can not only help you financially but also you can reach out to people. The research discovered that the growth in the number of entrepreneurs is much higher in the last ten years. This can be a very big opportunity.

Supporting local businesses is also new.

People are more concern about the people who want to come out and start something new. Local art is precious. People ought to support these independent artists. They cost you less and their material are also great. This also is a social agenda. You can also start such campaigns where you can aware people about the current situation and its pros and cons. Do not limit your knowledge.

Make your quarantine effective but in a good manner.

Design your thoughts and get back to the routine! Have patience, do not rush yourself into negative vibes, everything will be fine.

Hope that these points will help you throughout.

“Do what’s best for you, treat yourself”.

This blog looked at 5 ways to insure your health in this new normal world.

Hope it helps!

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