7 Hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask

7 Hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask

“You are never fully dressed without great hair”. We love fashion and those new coming trends. From the 80’s ruffle blouses to today’s baggy jeans, we have followed it all. But what about our looks when we can not show half of our face? The quarantine may have gotten us to sit at our homes all the time, but don’t you think of wearing styles even if your mask on? In the situation of the middle of a pandemic, you must have a mask on every time you go somewhere. Masks also have different kinds and style, some can cause you issue of tying them or some can easily stay on your face, but can your hair do the same? It can be quite tricky to adjust your hair accordingly, and they may get you all tangled. But, we can deal with this problem also. Here are 7 Hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask.

Let’s be a little creative and make ourself more comfortable with this situation. Make a mark – so what, if we are bound with certain masks, we still can rock a look anyhow! Make your quarantine happy by having a ‘good hair day’.You may have heard that your hair is a crown which you never take off!

Below, are some of the easy yet fashionable hairstyles which can make you look amazing with your mask on.

7 Hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask



Braids are always a little drama you can add in any style! You can braid all your hair and turn it into a thick notch. Braids can be done in many ways.

Even if you are braiding your hair normally, you can twirl your front-most short hair and pin them backside to not go so plain on yourself. Show that you made effort without making an effort, “Gorgeous hair speaks louder than words”.

Make those French-braids starting from the very front portion of your and lean it straight. You can take them down diagonally as well. This style settles all the hair and stops them from being frizzy.

Fishtail is another beautiful form of braids which looks adorable! Make them little loose from the centre and you are ready with the look. Also, if not the centre, you can braid them sideways with taking out your flicks which will give you a very romantic look. Have that ‘princess frozen’ in you and let it go all perfect! One of the best 7 hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask.



2.Loose-Lower Ponytail.

This style is more casual but looks absolutely amazing. If you do not want to work very hard, just tie your hair loose and walk with your work. If you are going for some grocery shopping, this look will be through.

Making it more stylish, you can make some drapes from your small-length portion of the hair, which are in the front section. Divide your hair from the middle, either you tie simply or you can clip your front hair at the back to make it look more interesting.

In the sideway partition, you can have one-sided braid which goes down to the area back where you will tie your ponytail. It looks romantic and sweet. Or else, have a mohawk in the middle. It is very creative!

3 . Hair Bun

Not only in this pandemic situation, we always love our messy buns and wear with every go outfit!

Making it lower fine or high messy, hair buns are never off the trend. If you are sitting at your home, then also you can have a messy bun, which will not make you look like a bore. Use hair bun pins so that it stays on the place. It is less time consuming and makes you look cool and comfortable. If you want to make little effort, then you must drape your flicks down from side or braid them from the corner till backside. Pinning them back can also help but make sure that you add a little volume in the portions.

Even if you are going for your work, you can make a lower-clean bun which is always a style and makes you look way professional. It can be worn with any outfit, whether it is your shirt, skirt or dress. Comb your hair all down and take them together at back to have a clean and wise look.

Those little space buns are cute as well. Do not forget them. They make you look more joyous and keeps you in fashion. Even when you are going for a traditional look, they just suit in effortlessly. Your masks get to settle easily and you also do not get any hair falling. To make it look more fun, use the ribbon hair ties or which have printed.


4.High Ponytail

The very basic and simple go-to hairstyle which also makes you look already. Gather your hair all up and then put a hair tie. You can also wrap the hair tie with a little portion of your hair by wrapping it around. It is more fashionable and makes the mask’s strap easily settle behind your ears and you also don’t get any fuzz of draping your hair ahead while working. It is stylish and can go with any outfit of yours. Make sure that you don’t tie your hair too tight that it might get painful or too loose that it comes down.

You can also add some drama with the remaining flowing hair. Make waves in the lower portion. It adds volume to your hair as well. You can wear the style in a day-out with your friends. You can also straighten your hair. This style can be worn for formal situations or your work. It makes your hair look edgy and beautiful.


Accessories are important. They say – “Life is too short to have boring hair”. If not a style, one pretty pin can make your hair look gorgeous! Layout all your clips and clutches, and start experimenting with your hair. Not only the hair ones, put some nice-blingy earrings which make your entire face in the notice and also look great.

Not only the hair ties of different sizes, but clips also come in different forms as well. Nowadays, we have some big-beady clips which make your look effortlessly stunning.

You can also fold your hair up and clip them with a big clutch. It is retro and stylish! These are the styles which you can recreate, because why not? We have all the trends which are inspired by retro or vintage theme.

Divide your hair in the middle partition and take the small portion of front most hair to the back. Pin them with some beady or designed clips. If you want the side partition of your hair, them also you can pin one side of the section just from the front and leave the rest. These looks show that you haven’t done much but still show up in the best way possible.


6, Open Hair.

We all have our different preferences. Many of us may not find it easy to tie up our hair. There is no problem with that!

Though, you can style your open hair without even trying them. Use those designed pins to clip your bangs or the hair of smaller length. Bobby pins can also be used if you want a clean look. Twirl or braid small sections of your hair in between or in sideways to have a classy look. You can adjust your side sections to the back so that your mask fits easily and does not tangle with the strap.

A half bun or half pony is yet another simple-fashionable look. Tie just the upper portion of your hair, either as a bun or pony, and leave the rest of the hair. It looks cool and feels comfortable!

You can add some waves or curls at the end and do nothing. That will also look pretty good.


7, The Two – Portions.

In every category, why to stick with one portion? Whether it is a braid or a bun! Break the stereotype I say!

Having two buns on your head may feel you like the cartoon character “mickey mouse”, but it is way fashionable. Not only that, it looks super cute!

Divide the sections of your hair equally, and roll them just the way you make a regular bun. You can make a side segment from the front portion of your hair also if the middle partition isn’t going well.

Same with the ponytails or braids. Line those French-braids with the middle partition. That style will slay your look! And two high ponies equally looks stunning. You can have them low as well. To add some glim, accessories your style with some pins and now you are ready!


Try wearing a matching mask from your outfit. It looks funky and also trendy nowadays!

Hope that these styles will help you with your quarantine days. Make sure that you do wear a mask whenever you go out. Be safe! And walk the road with style because “life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”!

This blog looked at 7 Hairstyles to Wear With a Face Mask.

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