Author: Manish Joshi

Manish Joshi is a technology journalist who specializes in the deep analysis of Latest Technologies and related products. He is currently an Editor-At-Large for Techracle and is also available for speaking engagements. Previously, Manish was the Lead Writer of Kaam Ke Bande and Digitalway through its acquisition by Govery Technologies Pvt Ltd, covering everything about the different professional services and mostly about digital marketing. Manish graduated in 2011 with a B.Tech degree in Electrical And Electronics Engineering. He has great knowledge of technology effects on social interaction. He researched the impact of privacy controls on the socialization of children, meme popularity cycles, and what influences the click-through rate of links posted in different social networks. He is the main writer at Digitalway and also runs a youtube channel named Manish_Digitalway. It is the best source for understating all digital marketing techniques easily. Manish is an experienced public speaker and has moderated many on-stage interviews in India. He is available to moderate panels and fireside chats, deliver keynotes and judge tech competitions.