Best Hair Blowdryers for 2020

Best Hair Blowdryers for 2020

It’s a race, race to utilise your 24 hours as efficiency as you can. Race to not waste a single second. Then why to waste time on your wet hair, when you can save 80℅ of your time by using blowdryers, which you waste by just leaving to dry them on their own. Waking up late, taking showers, not having time to go to the salon to be office-ready, is a problem for almost everyone. Not only to the office, we wash our hair, to make them look shiny, at every other occasion. We often, do it 30 minutes before a party, or any event. At least I do it, which always leave me with wet hair, which couldn’t just get dried itself in 2 minutes. That’s why we have BLOWDRYERS. This blog looks at Best Hair Blowdryers for 2020.

Blow-dryers can save you time. It’ll not only dry your hair, but you can also style them with it. Looks aren’t the expression, which defines one’s capability of being good at something. But looking presentable at your interview for the job may reflect, your strong personality. Today, in the Fashion industry, every other Hairstylist, uses Blow-dryers and tells how revolutionary they have been in the industry.

A perfect balance of drying and styling. The optimum level of airflow allows you to quickly dry your hair. Above all, a blow dryer is the easiest way to get flowing bouncy hair.


Today in 2020, Blowdryers are something which can make or break your hair. Always choose blow-dryers keeping in mind these things:

  1.  Their weight. It should be light weighted, as it’ll affect your hand.
  2. How much heat they produce. Excessive heat daily can damage your hair a lot.
  3. In which speed they work, their best speed, according to your hair type.
Best Hairdryers 2020

So to make you always look salon ready, here are 10 best hair blowdryers for 2020:

  1. Philips HP8120/00 :

The reason it is on no. 1 because it’s the most demanding blow-dryer 2020.

On our busy days, it becomes really difficult to dry our hair and style it before stepping out for work, party, anywhere, especially if you’re a working woman and have to manage everything. With a normal hairdryer, there is a chance of our hair getting a rough texture. So The new Philips essential care hairdryer is cute, compact and powerful. Besides,1200W power enables you to dry hair gently and quickly. The Thermo protect temperature, used is to maintain the heat, so that it won’t damage your hair. Besides, it’s 1200 W, creates exactly how much airflow we want, resulting in beautiful and bouncy hair every day.



2. Syska HD 1610 hairdryer:

This product, concerns more of their costumer, than anything else. It comes with overheating protection for safe hair drying experience.

This 1200W Trendsetter hairdryer gives your hair a perfect conditioning for shiny, smooth and also frizz-free hair.

Moreover, It lets you try to experiment with as many new styles as you can, by the narrow concentrator which gives effective drying with frizz-free hair experience.


3.Havells HD 3151 hairdryer:

Their motto is to, ” Have a perfect balance of drying and styling.”

It quickly dries your hair. This 1600W, gives you shiny hair, as it uses the right amount of hair flow. The powerful, as well as gentle airflow, sets your hair right.

A perfect balance of drying and styling. Retain your Style. Above all, Cool air shot is airflow of low temperature which is used to set the style at the end of the drying session for long-lasting results. It is also easier to style your hair and create a smooth finish.

Some of its key features are:

  • Storage Hook.
  • Heat Balance Technology.
  • Cool Shot Button.



  1. V&G Professional 3100 hairdryer.

Don’t you want to style your hair with elegantly? Look well-groomed, by using bare minimum energy. Then, this is the product, you have been looking for.

The hairdryer caters to all hair types with a concentrator nozzle for unbeatable control. It also allows you to put that air, exactly where it should be. Moreover, you can customize settings choosing from 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings.


Key features:

  • Professional 1800 watts hairdryer and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed as well as powerful.
  • Tangle less 1m swivel cord
  • Convenient to take anywhere.


  1. Nova NhP 8100 hairdryer:

This blow-dryer makes to my list because it tries to provide silky shine to your hair by reducing damage. It ensures that it won’t damage your hair, even after using the latest technology.


    Key features:

  • Enhances safety.
  • Updated technology.
  • Iconic conditioning technology ensures that your hair is taken care of during the styling process.
  • Effective drier, which means both the hot and the cold duality aspects helps it in carefully drying up the hair without any danger.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Heat settings: 2
  • Speed settings: 1
  • Cord length: 1.8 m
  • Warranty: 1 year Nova India warranty.



  1. Hesley 2200w aria professional

One of the best mottoes of blow-dryers I’ve ever heard is, “From the moment you start your day, until the moment you call it a day, you can be confident that your hair will truly stay in place.

Yes! Exactly that’s what we want to make a Day, “THE DAY! ‘. With using the updated technology, they try to give you the shiny glossy hair, which you’ve always wanted.

Besides, the professional hairdryer comes with about 2200 Watt power that provides salon-like performance and can dry your hair in no time.

Key features:

  • Hanging Loop for easy storage.
  • Cool Shot Knob.

I’m sure you won’t regret buying this.


  1. Lifelong LL PC W08 1600W

It has everything we want in an ideal blow-dryer. It’s affordable too. However, if you are reading this till now, and haven’t bought anyone above, then don’t wait, just buy this one. You’ll not regret it!

It has many features, like Cool shot button which protects your hair from heat damage with cool air just by pressing one button. It also serves the power of 1600 W and provides heat setting of 2 and 3. You can select it according to your hair type. It can be stored and taken to anywhere easily. Also, contains a Concentrator which works by focusing the flow of air through the opening onto specific areas, this results in precise styling and is great for touch-ups or to finish a style.

It has also got 1 year of warranty.

You can buy it here:

  1. Vega X-Men style VHDH-17 :

As being cute is consider cliché, so be shebang with Vega X-Style 1200 Hair Dryer. They believe a lot of how contemporary women will be the future of the World, and they want to contribute their best for it. Above all, the hairdryer comes with two heat settings: low heat setting for perfect gentle drying and high heat setting for fast drying. This dryer is highly suitable for summer. It comes with a non-slip grip handle for ease to your hand.


  1. Panasonic EH-ND11 – W62B

Every hairdryer mentioned above is to give you the best look, without damaging your hair. So does, Panasonic hair dryer with dual speeds do. Because of it being compact and lightweight, it is enough to be carried around in your travels. Its turbo dry feature produces gentle yet powerful wind to set long locks or curls in no time. It consumes 1000 watts.

This will let you dry your locks comfortably, even from a distance. It will make your hair look glossy and will the perfect last-minute touches. The compact design makes it easy for you to handle and carry. It also has a turbo dry feature that emits powerful yet gentle wind that will set your tresses.

Key features:

  • Compact design, portable size.
  • Dual speed selection.
  • 1000 W turbo dry.
  • 8 m. long tangle-free cord.
  • Salon-like styling.
  • Light in weight, ergonomically designed.


  1. Remington D5000:

This hairdryer says that it is great for wet hair and also to add bounce to the hair, as that is our one of the major concern. If a product provides everything you need, that too being pocket friendly. Then, it’s steal deal. The product doesn’t tangle the hair, which is a pretty great property. The product doesn’t cause any frizz. It adds a light shine to the hair. The first heat option is cool and this is great if you don’t want to use heat on your hair. When you change the second option, there is a very little difference in the heat of the hairdryer.

The third option is pretty good and it can be of good use when you need to set your hair. The second option is, however, great for a blowout. There is no diffuser nor it can be folded, which creates chaos to be honest, especially while travelling. . Moreover, the product is okay. Worth giving a try.



So, these were 10 best Hair Blowdryers for 2020, which you must try. You should select it according to your hair type, that was the most important thing, mentioned above. Like, one of the toughest thing for someone with curly hair is maintaining those unruly tanging frizz. It’s really hard to find the best products for your hair. Choose wisely!

Links are given below with them, make sure you make most worthy of your money. For more such articles, visit our website!

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Happy Hair Styling and hair drying!!

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