Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine

Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine


I’m sure you’ve your makeup products scattered in each corner of your room. We all have piles and piles of makeup, clothes and whatnot. It’s actually all more than what we need. But do you know you can keep your skin as shiny as you want even by minimising the products too? Crazy right? You read that right!!. Here we have Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine.

Here we have sorted the tips and tricks about makeup, and it’s an appliance. Some right shades, the right way of countering and you are done. It has everything from upgrading your makeup game, to preventing skin wrinkles from an early age.

Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine

Conclears/ Liquid Foundation



I saw a video of an Instagram influencer on how to hide marks through concealers. Trust me, if you know the right trick, you can do wonders through it!

Though, Concealer is only half the battle when it comes to fixing flaws. It is suggested by many experts to use lipstick in a warm pink tone, to perfect your complexion. Morgen Schick, a renowned makeup artist says, “It distracts from blemishes and other imperfections,”

Large pores are generally the root cause of many problems. For it, you can undergo microdermabrasion treatments. Moreover, it is a type of facial that gently sloughs off the dead surface layer of skin. As, we all want a natural finish, after applying layers of products to our faces.

Also, when you are trying to cover up blemishes, select a colour for what you’re concealing. For example, orange-tinged concealers counteract blueish under-eye circles. A green concealer hides redness. You must select every product of your skin tone too. Many people buy tons of costly stuff but not of the right shade. Don’t do that mistake. The idea of using concealers is because they act as neutralizers. If you’re a night owl, and always ends up not getting enough. Then a bright cheek colour will surely do wonders for you. It will make your skin look fresh and healthy. For best results, consider a cream blush with red or pink overtones, that too according to your skin undertone. Blend it nicely and tap the apples of your cheeks.

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The best way to make a makeup change, heads turn is to choose the feature you get complimented on most. You must know your features and play it up with a colour that’s the opposite of what you normally wear. Like neutrals? Like colour? Anything, that would make the focus on your better parts of the face.

For example,  if we take luminous skin, well use pearlized pink-sand shades on lips and cheeks. Though, it’s just an example to start with. You can learn about new and better things. It was suggested because, with a pale matte mouth, you’ll look rock-club cool, not too fancy. Very subtle look.

You have to agree with me, on this that highlighter has won everybody’s heart. And if you haven’t used it yet then what are you waiting for?  Simply, instead of shading hollows of your face, switch to highlighting. It will not only shine your cheeks but will also help in texture. A quick tip to use it:

Accentuate under the brows for a mini lift, it really creates a wonderful illusion. And dust a lighter blush along the cheekbone to plump cheeks.

To keep eye shadow from creasing, eliminate as much oil as possible from your lids. It’s a key to get your dream look, I swear. Use an eye shadow base or pressed powder before applying colour. Though, more powdery shadows are best.

Eva Scrivo, makeup artist and owner of the eponymous New York City salon, suggests lightly mist your face with toner. And pat it with a tissue. Moreover, finish with a dusting of loose powder, and you’re ready to go flaunt your look



Having the perfect slit, full brows have been spotted on all the runways. Its the hottest trend going on right now. You can make your unruly brows looking polished with a slick of clear brow gel. Don’t try to imitate someone’s style. Find which shape suits you better, and do accordingly. As I’ve told with the use of a highlighter. That you should dab highlighter directly under the brow bone. This will instantly give you an eye-lift effect! You can check out the gel here. One of the best Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine.

Call it a makeup rule or something, but you have to keep equal space between your eyebrows and to the width of your eyes. Further, start from where they line up with your nostrils. Makeup Expert Kelli Bartlett had made it very precise. You can learn it in Glamsquad, from shaping to plucking and trimming.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a wide forehead, then you don’t the pain. Over threading your forehead can lead to emaciated brows and bald patches. If this happens white regularly then the growth of hair will surely become irregular. Furthermore, you can Use a protein-spiked brow gel to stimulate healthy growth and brow fillers to shade in problem areas.


We all hate blemishes on our faces. A blemish is any type of mark, spot, discolouration, or flaw that appears on the skin. To prevent blemishes, try to take care of the following things, recommend by beauty experts.

You must take care of the way you hold the mobile phone. If it’s in your habit to hold it one side only, it can create patches slowly. Also, whether you sleep more on one side of your face or if you hold your head up with one hand when sitting. Try to avoid all these habits.

In regards to beauty products, try to go easy on the foundation. As blemishes are non-threatening but some can cause skin cancer too, if not taken proper care of. Makeup used to cover up pimples tends to clog pores and cause more blemishes. Besides, try using a concealer, with better coverage and fewer chemicals.

Use a deep-cleansing mask if your skin is breaking out.  You can also use chemical face peel once a week to rid your skin of impurities and dead skin cells. We often don’t take dead skin that seriously, but it could be the main reason for clogging pores. Try to find a face mask according to your skin type.

Last but not the least, moisturizer is the key to have soft and spot-free skin! Erica Suppa, a research scientist and founder of Fresh Faced Skincare, says, “it is the best way to prevent skin from overproducing oil”. By using a good moisturizer, one can balance out water and oil levels.

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Experts have said that if our lips look larger, it tends to slim your face down. Win-Win situation for both the features. The best way to slim down your mouth is to dab a shimmery gloss in the middle of your lower lip. Further, for full lips go for a glossy look.

Here is how you can do it :

Try to first outline the perimeter of your lips using a concealer brush or lip liner. Then, try to go two shades deeper than your skin tone. It gives a perfect look.  Go for a deep dramatic lipstick if you want to feel like a showstopper. Use your finger for a personally stamped finish. It is the best. No brush can beat that. Lastly, Highlight the area above your bow with a brush of gold eyeshadow. And you’re ready to get asked questions and tips about how amazing your lips look.

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Want to make your small eyes look bigger? Or some tricks to actually make those lashes stay?

Stay away from dark eyeshadows. Say bye-bye to them. It’s very simple to apply, just start with a nude base, then apply shadow a shade or two darker than the base to your crease and use your finger to blend the colour up toward your eyebrow. You can always go for a brush but it’s always better blending with fingers. Fingers will give you better coverage in the places where brushes cannot. And you’re done.

If you tend to struggle with fake lashes, then here is a quick tip by makeup experts. Just put a little more glue on the edges than the rest of the lash, since they’re more likely to get loose always. Try to hold it, till it dries to have a super comfy stick.

As of now, you can use shorter and thinner lashes too. They’re shorter than traditional falsies, so they’ll thicken your lash line without being too much.

Who doesn’t want a Perfect liner or wing liner? Apply by drawing three dashes, one on the corner, in the middle, and on the inside corner of your eye. Then go back and connect the dashes for a smooth line. You can always create a wing, by lining the corners dash by dash.

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So these were some tips, tricks and products with which you can create a flawless look. All the products mentioned are very basic and the idea was to tell you that even with minimum products, you can create magic.

This blog looked at Expert-Approved Beauty Tips to Hack Your Makeup Routine.

Hope it helped.

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