How to Cut Your Own Hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair


Sometimes you are so caught up with your work that you even do not get time to go to a salon for a haircut. DIY is a great solution to overcome your problem. It is not only easy but creative as well, which also helps with your time management. And in the situation of a lockdown, it can be a basic necessity.  Why take a risk when you can cut your own hair? Though in most times, it is advised by the professionals to not to cut your own hair in any situation because it might get wrong, your hair can be damaged or it might not give you the look of your choice. Have a healthy set up in your mind and take new ideas, but with simple structures. After all, it is the best way to flaunt your creativity!


Make Your Decision.

Before cutting your own hair, you have to be sure that do you really want to have a haircut? Because it might happen that you won’t get the expected results. Deciding anxiety is a no go. Begin with taking some time for yourself and then start researching what type and style you want. Seeing some videos of tutorials would help. Try some temporary styles by clipping some portions of your hair with bobby pins or tying them with some hair bands. That would give you an idea of what suits you best.

For waves, make braids and open them after some time. Make bangs by folding the upper portion of your hair. Comb your hair wet hair for some time to have a gist of straight hair.  Also, take care of your hair and scalp if you are someone who experiments a lot of changes with your hair. Make a routine for your hair and ensure that you are doing the right thing by knowing what will look good on you. Experiment with every style possible!


Equipment Needed.

When you are finally done with the decision of what will make you look best with, start gathering your essentials.


  • Hair clutch: Be ready with every size of the clips according to your hair size. Have bobby pins, tick-tack clips, clippers and clutches. Also, have extra hair ties and headbands.


  • Scissors: It’s better if you carry the scissors which are owned by the hairdressers but if not, normal scissors will also help. Don’t have those big scissors which are used by couturiers or the kitchen scissors, take one of medium size. Have a trimmer as well.


  • Have some extra towels, a sheet to put over your upper body, a water sprinkler and a hand mirror.


Important Points.

Before cutting your hair, keep these things in mind and follow accordingly.

  • Star slow. Rather than jumping on the big steps, try to take smaller portions of your hair and then continue to do so. Only if you have a larger portion you won’t be able to go back if something goes wrong. By cutting small portions, you will even have a look through what and where you will go next. Avoid cutting altogether in a horizontal way, that might go wrong. Make things easy for yourself, do not rush.


  • Take help. You can have someone else who can guide you with the directions. It will be easy if they help you with the number of portions of your hair or the length in between the process. Cutting one portion and then checking up on it will take you more time individually.
  • Be cautious. The texture of your hair is very important. Take precautions in every type of your hair. No matter it is straight, thick, long, curvy, wavey or short, mistakes can easily be noticed.


  • Work with your texture. It is always helpful when you work with your natural hairstyle. It will be better if you experiment with your older hair cut and it will always satisfy you.


  • Cut less. The amount you think you want to cut and the result afterwards might not justify, so take a smaller length, an inch or half, than the one you want and if everything goes right, then you might cut off some more.


The Process.

Let’s be easy and simple for your first go. It is probably the first attempt and the methods can still not be clear. Further, practice will make your hands free and adjustable. But don’t doubt yourself with this, gather all the courage and believe that it’s going to be amazing. Follow the instructions below to get your best cut with every type and condition of hair.


  1. For the very first step, take a nice wash of your hair and condition it. You can either start cutting your hair after the wash or let it dry first. Untangle your hair, comb or brush enough, this will help you with the original length and ease to cut them properly.


  1. Divide the portions of your hair. Clip them up or sideways. Leave the number of portions you can handle or grab with your hands at once. And then put a sheet or a towel around your shoulders to cover your upper body so that the hairdo does not fall over you.


Hair Type :

1.Long Hair

Divide the portions of your hair by clipping them sideways or fold them. Use hairbands to tie your hair. After dividing your hair, make your measure that how much you want your hair off

It is better if you decide earlier and do not make sudden changes in between. Start cutting your hair in small portions only, do not take larger sections in a one go.


2. Curly and Wavey Hair.

Know the texture of your curls and waves first. If your curls are loose and voluminous, then you have to take care of the different angles. Cutting too much and all at the same time can cost the volume of your hair, so it is better if you take very small sections.

If your curls of higher range, frizzy or tight, then make sure to divide the portions first. Do not rush. Be firm and gentle with your hair. Keep up with the slow pace and try to just trim your ends.


3.Straight Hair.

It is better if work with wet or damped hair. Comb firmly and untangle your hair. Take the back portions of your hair in the front and start cutting them diagonally.

Do not go horizontal from the front, it will lead unequal portions. And go step by step in layers or for the length of your hair.

4. Shorthair

Colliding with your short hair might look easy but it’s not, as the portions of your hair are wholly visible and it would be easy to point out some mistakes. Start from the side portions of your hair and then go backwards. You can use a trimmer as well rather scissors. If you want to cut bangs or make the front hair short, it’s better if you take someone else to guide in between.


For Men.

Damp your hair or take a nice head wash. Comb it further to untangle some knots. A portion or section your hair with the help of a comb (can use hairpins if you have a long length). Start cutting or trimming from the side portions and then go to the top. It is better if you cut your hair from scissors first and then trim out your strays. Try to use clippers for the side portion and scissors for the top section. Keep the texture of your hair in mind, it makes a difference as well.

For Kids.

Do not try any experiment with their hair. Maintain the basic style that they have. Dry their hair if they are wet or you can trim out without the wash. Section their hair by clipping some of the portions or you can directly go for trimming their hair from the bottom. If they have thick-curly/wavy hair, then go smooth from the ends and do not cut them short.

For straight hair, go for a bowl-shape cut. You can also make the ends even and leave the rest. If they have long hair, then comb it well and cut them accordingly by sectioning every part.

If you want to experiment a little, try bangs. Kids look adorable in them. Section the hair in three parts (probably in a triangular form). Tie the back two portions with a hairband and leave the front hair. Cut them evenly and do not make it very short, just above the brows will be good.


Make sure that you follow all the instructions and be careful while the process. Hair always makes you look great and it will not be a good idea to mess with them. But even if something goes wrong, flaunt it out. You know what they say, “look so good that they can’t ignore you”!

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