New Fragrances Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter

New Fragrances Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter

Do you want people to cross you and turn to see who was that, with that fragrance?

If yes, you are in the right place. Winter/Cozy season is round the corner. But before you bundled up yourself in a blanket and hibernate a weighed sweater. Don’t forget to give farewell to your summer scent because your summer scent won’t go otherwise. Switching up your signature scent with each season is always a good idea. As scents are meant to evoke a certain mood and you don’t want to smell like a beach in a Christmas holiday. This blog looks at New Fragrances Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter.

Winter perfumes are warm, sensual. The cold, dreary nights of winter can feel never-ending,  As the days get longer, find a fragrance that can warm up those last winter nights and keep you feeling fresh into spring days. The one which can run all long day. The warm, sensual fragrance is meant to be the signature scents of winters. But it’s an individual choice and act. So you can mix it with a little flowery, fruity scent. To let people wonder, what actually have you done.

Here, I am to help you choose the best fragrance for the arriving winter. I hope you would find something which suits your personality.


New Fragrances Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter:

For women

  1. Dior Joy Perfume


Dior Joy comes together to express the perfumer’s vision of light by Christian. Their idea sounds so soothing. It begins with fruity top notes of citrusy mandarin and bergamot which rest atop floral middle notes of Grasse rose and jasmine. After all, It’s like one in all perfume. Indeed, this perfume is, supported by earthy base notes of cedar, sandalwood, white musk, and patchouli.

It uses a pattern of distinct colours, which is Inspired by pointillist paintings. That’s how it completes. As mentioned above how it is inspired by light and transformed into light. Moreover, this perfume’s many facets blend into a soft but vibrant scent, doing justice to their inspiration.

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  1. Shalimar Perfume

Guerlain is no doubt everyone’s favourite go-to brand for Perfume. Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain, Created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain. Besides, this legendary women’s fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, cedar, mandarin orange, lemon, and citrus notes. As the name suggests, Shalimar is a homage to the epic love affair between Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, a romance that ultimately led to the construction of the Taj Mahal.

If the vibe romance could be defined as a fragrance, it would be Shalimar Perfume. You must be wondering it’s a big thing to be said as but let me tell you it’s key elements and you’ll definitely agree with the above lines.

Its heart is a blend of jasmine, iris, rose, vetiver, and patchouli. An eclectic collaboration between leather, opoponax, sandalwood, tonka bean, ambergris, musk, and incense forms this classic scent’s base. Above all, it is packaged in a curved, pedestal-style bottle with sweeping lines and a deep blue stopper, giving it a perfect look.

You must try it, make everyone fall for your scent, and yourself.


  1. Light di Gioia Eau de Parfum

GiorgiaArmnai, introduced light di Gioia, a tribute to the golden hour of the Mediterranean. Each perfume mentioned here has got something different yet similar to each other. In fact, in being classy and giving a difference in making a style statement. The woody floral fragrance captures the plenitude of the golden hour when the sun is still radiant, warm and caressing. You can experience the sparkling duo of jasmine and gardenia facetted by an addictive woody accord. Isn’t it hard to choose between sunrise or sunset, because both are very peaceful and you cannot be partial? Now imagine getting that as a fragrance. Wonderful! Isn’t it?!

Light di Gioia, the feminine fragrance by Giorgio Armani, is a homage to the golden hour; the moment of the day when the sun goes down and the light, still radiant, becomes soft and warm, leaving beautiful shadows behind.

Fragrance Notes:
  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia
  • Base Notes: White Musk, Woodsy Notes


Fragrance Family: Floral


  1. Paris-Riviera Eau De Toilette Spray

It gives a fresh fragrance with a radiant floral trail that evokes the soft, luminous atmosphere of the warm morning at a central park. Moreover, it has a very different yet something to be a well-known fragrance. Indeed, a luminous fragrance that pairs the sweet, tangy freshness of winter’s orange with the delicateness of neroli.

It is so handy and looks so cute.  In fact, a light bottle with a rounded shape that fits in the palm, a sleek sleeve designed with natural materials that evoke the waves lapping on the beach. Besides you can carry it easily while travelling in your bag. LES EAUX DE CHANEL is available in a large misting spray bottle for full and generous perfuming. Surely, the ideal fragrance, you will love wearing this winter.


Don’t forget to check them out !!

  1. Guerlain Mon Guerlain

This is most people’s signature scent. You won’t be afraid to wear it at work, hospital, brunch, casual outing, going shopping, to sum up, you can wear it anywhere.

It believes in free and sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain is a tribute to a free woman, with all that this encompasses in terms of strength, daring and courage. Above all, it’s breaking free from convention, she is surprising and unpredictable.

It has such a smooth and captivating scent. This citrus oriental fragrance is indeed, a radiant fragrance as fresh as the Sambac Jasmine and the Carla Lavender that compose its floral notes beautifully enhanced by a blend of shiny citrus notes. It can also be described as “ BEING IN MOM’S LAP”, most comfortable and smooth.

Fragrance Notes:

– Top Notes: Mandarin and Carla Lavender

Heart Notes: Sambac Jasmine

– Base Notes: Tahitian Vanilla

Fragrance Family: Floral

For men:

Scents fade faster in the colder months because your skin is dry, this is why you need specific winter fragrances to add oomph to your personality. In these kinds of perfumes, the base notes are the most important as they are the heaviest part of a fragrance.


1.DSquared2 Green Wood

We all know how masculine people expect a man to be. And it’s completely fine if you don’t want to be it. But to someone, who want it. This is the best fragrance for them. From its provocative campaign featuring a young-buck woodsman in a check flannel shirt to its explicitly masculine and robust blend of aromatic ingredients, Green-Wood by DSquared2 is every inch a fragrance for the modern alpha male.

It’s very long-lasting. Also, a versatile scent that will carry you from work through to play and back again. It features a bracing hit of lemon, Santolina (a Mediterranean shrub from the chamomile family) and the spiced flavour of bourbon pepper as its opening act. It’s an obvious choice. Of course, you must try it.

  1. SunselOak Wood

Well, in the vat fight between the fragrances out benefited one is you and me, all of us. Consumers.

Sunspel’s first step into the competitive world of fragrances has been approached with compassion, attention to detail and class.

However, really, from a label which has perfected the building blocks of every contemporary men’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, oak Wood is best described as gender-neutral, timeless and with a touch of English heritage. If a girl is reading this, and you want to give those lady boss vibes. This is the one for you!


3.Green Irish Tweed Cologne

Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed, This sporty mix literally commits to make any man feel like a famous movie star. We must admire its ingredients! With hints of violet leaves, Mysore sandalwood, Florentine iris, ambergris, and French verbena, Green Irish Tweed is known for its longevity and reasonable sillage. Though certainly not overpowering, its refreshing and luxurious aroma lingers on the mind long after its wearer has departed the room. Furthermore, it’s widely considered to be one of the defining scents of the brand’s catalogue.

Check it out:

4.Gucci Memoire D’uneOdeur Perfume

It is Unisexual perfume. Gucci Memoire D’uneOdeur Perfume by Gucci, Released August 1, 2019.

It aims to capture the elusive scent of memories. Sweet almonds mix with relaxing chamomile in the opening notes. Just like your winter mornings. Musk also brings out the heart with the added touch of delicate Indian jasmine. Sensuous sandalwood blends with creamy vanilla and vibrant cedar in the base notes. And also one of the best parts is their packaging. The vintage-style bottle uses the transparency of light green glass and a fine-line etched golden cap. It looks so aesthetically pleasing. However, the woody, herbal scent aims to capture where the earthly world meets with the stars in the night sky. It sounds beautiful no? It smells better.

5.Dolce and Gabbana The One EDT for Men

One cannot discuss winter fragrances without this piece by D&G making a grand appearance. This masculine scent was launched in early 2008 after the original. The One for Women was a massive success. Now why it makes in a list of 2020 because it has got that vintage touch you always wanted. It has this Dolce and Gabbana fragrance, which provides a powerful tear through the heavy winter atmosphere and lingers in the air for a long time. Above all, it also opens up with green and aromatic notes like grapefruit, basil, and coriander seeds and ends into a musky dry-down with amber and cedar.

Men that want to smell delicious and masculine can wear this make this a signature scent for the colder times. If you look at this product from the quality as well as price point then you will discover how this surpasses even the best and most. It is surely an indestructible winter fragrance.

So these were the new fragrances, everyone would love wearing this winter.

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Hope it helps!!

Shagun Aggarwal

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