Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall

Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall

One of the major things about styling during the fall is with no doubt, LEATHER BAGS! Bags are very important in completing an outfit. The beauty of a great bag is that you don’t have to think twice about it. You just grab it and go! I mean, you won’t doubt the best chic, classy look you are going to get with it. You would look all elegant while remaining stylish. That one bag will put-together, everything perfectly. Here we have a list of Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall. We love leather bags because none of the material can outmatch the professional and chic look that a leather bag offers. It is one of the few materials that will remain forever fashionable. It would never go out of style. They are eco-friendly too.

Unlike synthetic bags, leather handbags are known to stay intact for long unless there is an external force applied to it for damaging it. Providing you with better service for the long run. Leather is a natural fabric and hence, no chemicals are used in making it. Of course, the market is flooded with synthetic leather bags. Some are cheaper than the pure leather bags and some are more expensive than them. But these synthetic bags can cause rashes on the skin. Would you like to damage your skin for saving a few bucks?

Authentic leather is biodegradable and does not pollute the air, river, and the environment. In a world where being fashionable is trendy, you can use it to show your concern and love towards the environment. You can do it by paying for leather products. It’s the way to be both eco-friendly and beautiful.

I’ve shortlisted a few leather bags, we all would crave during this fall. Remember, whichever one you would choose from the list, be ready to receive compliments when your style would make everybody’s head turn!

Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall



Won’t you like to have that one bag, which can fit all your small cute pouches, your makeup essentials, your sanitary pads, and also, every accessory, books, sometimes scarf too. In short, a mini Almira?

If you’re someone who likes to take everything in a bag when you go out, thinking just in case you would need it. Then, this is the one for you! It’s like an evolution of the more classic silhouette.

You can totally be dependent on it. It would make space on every occasion. I think it would be many people’s favourite take-everywhere bag, by the end of the fall. And you won’t love to feel left out in being fashionable too.



It’s an effortlessly elegant purse made with smooth leather. You can style it, the way you want. One can wear it cross-body, in the crook of your arm, or your hand.

You can buy it from many different online stores. It comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, giving you more ways to style it. Many of then have two Or more than two internal slip pockets. It can easily fit a smartphone, wallet, some cosmetics, and other small items too. It’s an easy-going, “throw over your shoulder and go” kind of bag.

I love how it’s so simple yet elegant at the same time. Also, it’s more capacious than you initially think. Basically, it’s perfect, when you want to go out with your friends, or on a date. Specially designed for the days when you want to carry a light load.




  1. Wiley Saddle Bag Fossil:


It is a leather bag, who’s interior material is made up on 100℅ of polyester. You can carry it everywhere, as it is capable to carry all your essentials. They mostly come in basic, yet all-time favourite fall colours. Like almond colour, brown colour, etc.

They surprise you a lot, as there are many interior chains in them, letting you keep all little things. It comes with detachable straps, keeping in mind which the changing trends.

It’s a pretty bag, which would only compliment you, and your outfit to look prettier.

Check it out:


  1. Fuzzy Bags:


If we are talking about winters, there’s one trend we definitely don’t want you to forget about, and that’s furry handbags. Don’t tell me, you don’t think about hugging yourself when you wear those furry sweaters.

If you’re someone, whose wardrobe is filled with those furry jackets, then why only jackets?.

Your bags have officially been deemed worthy as well. They deserve all that luxurious look, just like your clothes. As they are one of the important things while styling.

Be ready to receive cute compliments from a random stranger. Many customers have also said that it annoys them when someone asks where they’ve brought it from. Because it’s too pretty.

Get yours here:






Nothing looks as chic as a purse in hand. It gives you a dominating personality and also a style statement. We all know how women are treated all sweet and cute. But if you want to look like an alpha woman, especially in your workplace. Then, this one’s for you! It’s majorly classy and timeless. The way you cannot compromise in being confident and classy, it cannot too.

These structured styles are crafted from leather and have gold hardware. You can attach the chain to wear it in the shoulder too while going out. You can keep your phone, car keys and cotton pads in it. It will definitely add more confidence.

I hope it would only make yourself more classy.



  1. Eva Shoulder Bag – Ivory Croc.


It’s a classical shoulder bag, giving you a  vintage as well as a pinch of modern look at the same time.

It’s a 90s Classic Baguette Bag Type.  It has specifically used croc-Embossed Vegan Leather. Moreover, comes with a 100% Recycled Plastic Lining. It comes with long straps, giving you a way to style it accordingly. Though the strap is Unattachable, you can adjust it in your own way. It can fit all sizes of phones too.

Everyone had kept an eye on them, as they are supposed to be the style statement this year.

Go, grab your one of the best  Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall.





If you are someone, who would like to look the best, by doing the bare minimum of efforts. Then, this one’s for you! If you want to make a statement without being too much. Then you are in the right place.

This bag makes it’s easy to carry. It gives you classy yet playful and full of cool-girl vibes. All in one types. Many had claimed it, their dream bag too.

The bucket bag has evolved in colour and vibe while still maintaining its iconic shape. It’s the shape which has all the hearts. Designers like Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel of Mansur Gavriel loves them. With the versatility they have started providing, I don’t think they are going out of style or anywhere, anytime soon!




Do you remember, last year when everyone was moving around with those cute waste bags? Some of us didn’t even know what are they but loved the vibe which they gave.

If you’re someone who keeps the minimum things in their bag. Like, lip-gloss, credit card and keys. Then these cute little hands-free bags are for you. You can literally just close it once, and you’re done for the day! You don’t have to worry that where you forgot it. It’s right there, attached with you, till you want.

They have come in many styles till then. It has become every dad/tourist’s favourites accessory. Whether you call it the waist bag, fanny pack, bum bag or belt bag. It has been everywhere.

You can style it, with the way you want, be it classy, chic, or being just a sweet 16 years old!



  1. Chain Gang:


These are something which has covered every field of accessories from the past few seasons. From, necklaces to bracelets to shoes—and now they’ve come for bags.

They have been an important part of every fashion show, every runway. And now people are styling them in their day to day life too. Consider this, your time to sparkle too. They make you look cool and rich at the same time. They would make you look extra presentable during dinners, by styling them with a pair of boots and blaze.

Buy it already, and give it a try in your next outing.




  1. Bellona:


It is a vintage-inspired silhouette. It is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Something which would complement yours with pair of suits and boots.

If you’ve got bored of every bag you’ve been carrying till now, then as this year have already been the year of experimenting. You must try them this fall.

Also, this brand has won all the hearts by their bags, but also their gestures. Like they have donated big amounts for covid relief, and some funds in favour of black lives Matter campaigns.

Their bags are super eco friendly and deserve all your attention this fall.

You can check them out here:



So, these are Leather Bags We’re Craving This Fall !

I hope you find your perfect one or many. For many such articles, keep visiting our website!

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Hope it helps!


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