Must-Have Baby Quilts

Must-Have Baby Quilts


“Babies control and bring up their families as much as they are controlled by them; in fact, the family brings up baby by being brought up by him” —Erik H. Erikson

The most memorable day for the parents is the birth of their child, it brings a lot of joy to the entire family and lot of lifestyle changes. I still get jitters when I recall the day my 3-year-old was born.  After the birth of the baby, he/she becomes the priority of everyone in the family and your daily routine revolves around the baby! Raising a baby is not an easy task. It takes a toll on you – Mentally, Physically and Economically. Being a mother of a toddler myself, I can easily relate to the worries of the young parents.   The thing that worries most of the new parents is to help the kids in having a sound and comfortable sleep. The baby sleeps for a longer duration during the first few months of his/her life. To give your baby a comfortable and sound sleep, it becomes your responsibility to choose the right kind of bedding and quilts for your kid. They have to be very comfortable and safe to use.

There are several points that the young parents need to keep in mind while purchasing a quilt for their newborn. I had a tough time picking up the right baby quilt for my son. From my experience , I have tried my best to collate a checklist that will help the new parents to pick up the right quilt for their precious one.


The most important thing that you should look at while picking up the quilt for your baby is the fabric. The fabric of the quilt should be soft, comfortable and breathable. The skin of your baby is very sensitive and the soft fabric rules out the chances of the painful rashes on your baby skin.  Always prefer opting for the premium quality of cotton fabric baby quilt for your little one over any other fabric.

2.Ideal for all Seasons

A baby quilt is a vital part of the daily essentials for your newborn. The baby quilts are appropriate to keep him/her warm while sleeping.  For summers and monsoons, you can use a light-weight baby quilt and for the winters, you can use a thicker baby quilt. It is a must-have for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep of your baby. Your choice of baby quilts depends on the climate and weather you are living in.

3.Easy to Maintain

The baby quilt that you are looking out for your child should be easy to maintain so that you don’t have to stress on its maintenance. You should be able to machine wash it in mild detergent or wash it with hands. Avoid buying the baby quilts that require dry-cleaning as the cost incurred by you in dry-cleaning would add up to your monthly expenses.

4.Safety Standards

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a baby quilt is to make sure that all the international safety standards for the baby quilt are taken care of. The baby quilt should not have any loose fringes, tassels or ribbons as they are not safe for your newborn. Choosing the right baby quilt refrains you for worrying about the safety of your darling while he/she is sleeping. During that time, you can do your work and give yourself some ‘Me Time’.

There is a wide variety of baby quilts available in the market these days in different colours, designs, sizes etc. There are sewists customizing the baby quilts as per your choice and give your child comfort and warmth for a sound, undisturbed sleep. I have collated a list of the quilts that are ideal for your newborn in the year 2020 and are a must-have for his/her sound sleep for a long duration. Also, these make for a good gifting option for a newborn in your family or for a baby shower of your friends.

1. Handblock Print Baby Quilts

Handblock print baby quilts are gradually becoming popular among young parents. The vibrant colours attract the babies and they love to snuggle in their soft baby quilt for a longer duration. Handblock printing is one of the oldest art forms found in India, China and some parts of East Asia. The printing is done by the skilled artisans with the wooden blocks and natural dyes. This traditional technique of hand printing requires a lot of training and precision. Since centuries, this technique has been passed on from one generation to another.

 The natural dyes used in the Handblock baby quilt are ideal for the sensitive skin of the babies and prevents them from getting allergies. The young moms need not to worry about the maintenance of these baby quilts as they can be easily washed in mild detergents in the washing machine or by the hands. These quilts are multipurpose and can ideally be used as playmats, AC quilt, baby wrap or bedspread. This type of baby quilt is best done by the Indian artists who have mastered the art of hand block printing.

2.Nursery Print Baby Quilts

Nursery print fabric is the favourite of most of the babies as it is a soft fabric with vibrant colourful prints that catch the attention of the babies. Premium quality cotton fabric with nursery print is the ideal for babies as it is soft on the sensitive skin of the babies and keeps them away from painful rashes. It is advised to the new parents to use cotton fabric quilts for their babies. The fabric is also breathable and comfortable for your newborn to snuggle in. Apart from using this to cover your babies while sleeping, these can also be used as playmats and bedspread. Your kid would love to snuggle in the nursery print baby quilts as they are so soft that he/she would not want to leave it! The prints are categorised according to their colour for baby boy or baby girl. Also, there are certain unisex prints that could be used for both baby boy and baby girl.

Also, this is an ideal gifting option for a newborn in your family or if any of your friends have just delivered a baby or for the baby shower of your friend.

3.Applique Work Baby Quilts

Appliqué work is an uncomplicated thread and needlework which is used to stitch (with hands or with the help of machine) the fabric cut into the desired shapes and sizes to the base fabric make a meaningful design. It is said to be originated in France.  In ancient times, this technique was used by the poor to modify their worn-out clothes to new ones as they didn’t have enough money to buy new clothes. This ancient art didn’t lose its popularity over the period of time and gives the room of creativity to the sawist. Even today, a lot of young parents prefer to get the applique work done on the quilts of their newborn as it looks very elegant and attractive.  Applique work baby quilts are easy to maintain and durable because of the multiple stitching done on the design. Thus, the new mom need not worry too much about the maintenance of her new born’s quilt!

So, what are you waiting for? Finalize the best-suited baby quilt for your child and gift him the love and the warmth this festive season

Jigyasa Uniyal

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