The Best Hairstyles For Fine and Thin Hair

The Best Hairstyles For Fine and Thin Hair

Modern generation’s main idea is to break stereotypes and to enhance yourself to be the best. It has somehow become a race, a race to win, which leads to stress, and things like Hair Fall. The modern lifestyle, increasing pollution can also be the reason for the same. As we have learnt enough about self-love, so one didn’t have to underestimate themselves, in anything. Especially, when it comes to beauty standards, set by our society. This blog is right here for you. It looks at  ‘The Best Hairstyles For Fine and Thin Hair’ trending in 2020.

Fine hair, defining small strands of hair, meaning the diameter of hair is small. Thin hair is something, we all have been well aware of, as it had become one of the major concern of almost every age group, despite their gender, from past few years.

So here are some best hairstyles for fine and thin hair to make them look thicker and you, prettier :

Messy bun:

This is something, which was always there, but we never really knew it, until it became a trend, by our celebrities like Deepika Padukone.

A messy bun would be anyone’s first choice when it would come to hairstyling of thin hair.

You can simply make a pony, settle it as a bun with bobby pins, and tease it until you make it messy, just the way you want it, and boom! You’re already flaunting, your thick, full of volume hair.

Short Layered Bob:

It’s a haircut, which is the best choice, by any styler, as it creates an illusion of more volume, especially when we talk about thin and hair with small strands. You can have as many layers as you want, and the length will, of course, be according to you.


A layered bob haircut is a type of short haircut that can be achieved when you get your hair cut in varying lengths, creating the illusion of more texture and dimension in your hair. Layers can also help add volume or take it away and they work for all textures and face shapes.

As from hairstyle, people judge each other personality, it’s a great way to show how strong a woman you are. You must try it.

Wild waves:

It’s like neither having proper curls nor those loose curls. It’s the main idea, is to curl them enough to look like waves. You’ve to take the curler, and then when you curl your hair, section by section, at the end of curling just push them and separate them, based on how you want your waves to be.

There’s natural, no heat method also, from which you can achieve the same look, but it requires time. You can make tight braids of a small section of your hair, and leave them overnight, and when you open them in the morning, you’ll have your bouncy wild waves in front of you. And you’re ready to go.

 Fringe bangs:

Bangs, something which we all tried once in a lifetime, and also in this pandemic. Well, either you’ll love your bangs, or would search for How to grow hair fast for the next few months. Fringe bangs, won’t ever let you down like that, as it’s not proper heavy bangs, it’s just about taking a small section of your hair, and cutting them unequal, longer at sides, and shorter in middle. Like slightly feathered at the ends. It goes best with someone having longer oval faces face. They are always a good idea for thin hair.

Loose curls:

Everybody tries to find that one hairstyle, which would enhance all their facial features, a little more, without putting many efforts, and if you’re looking for it, then Loose curls, are the perfect choice for it. It’s like, they aren’t the proper curls, so you can curl them, however, you want.

The main thing is how to do it if you’re doing it through a curler machine, or applying any natural method, so if you’re doing it from a curler then you should just hold your hair against the curling wand just a few seconds, which will give you the best loose curls. For extra volume (once your hair is curled), lay the curling iron at the root of the hair on the top of your head, and keep it there for a Nano-second. It’ll give you ‘do instant volume. It’s not like that mandatory, but if you really
want them to last long, and want extra volume, then go for it.

Blow out/Straight out:

So, Blow out/Straight out, is a technique to add volume in your hair, to make them look thicker and fuller, especially when you’ve small strands, it even emphasis them, and making them look like layers. In this, you can blow dry them, but you have to apply pressure or the inner side of your hair and not from above or outside, which will move them outwardly, make them look fuller. The same procedure is followed in straight out, when you’re straightening them, leave them outwardly, to create straight out hairstyle. you’re straightening them, leave them outwardly, to create a straight out hairstyle.

This is the most professional hairstyle ever, Girls going for internship and women on office loves it, it can be carried away is any kind of dressing style, but would look a little too good in blazers i.e Formals.

One of the best hairstyles, any working women would love to spare some time on.

Loose braids:

Braids have always been in trend, and will hardly ever go out of style, and being someone with thin hair, I know the pain of not having a thick braid and flaunting it as others, but I found the hack of it!! And it was by making a loose braid.

You just have to make a braid and then tie at the end, suitable to you, of how much hair you want to leave open, then, just pull the sections of your braid, one by one, that’s also according to you, how fluffy you want them to look, and you’re ready to
go anywhere, be it college, any function, anywhere.

Half up Half down ponytail :

If you’re looking up for some hairstyle, that would make you look like that you’ve put some efforts, but in reality, you’ve done some bare minimum thing, then this one is the right hairstyle for you.

It’s Half up Half down ponytail. You just have to take a section of your hair and make a ponytail of it, you can raise it, according to yourself, how high you want it, leaving the remaining hair. In this way, they’ll look longer and thicker, and if you would make a high ponytail out of it, then it adds more volume to them. Thicker, the better.

Deep Side Part

It’s very lame. But it’s quite a proven method to make your thin hair look thicker, as is used by almost every styler. So, like everyone has that one side from where we make any hairstyle, be it from left or right. So, what you’ve to do, that you’ve done make them part, from the opposite side of your regular one, and make it a deep side part, creating a voluminous hairstyle. It always works, as your hair was settled in that part, and if you’ll do it opposite, it’ll end up giving volume to your hair, and making them look thicker.

High Messy ponytail:

Last but not the least, it’s High messy ponytail. If you don’t want to keep them open or have a busy day. It’s the best hairstyle to look presentable, classy without worrying about your hair.

So take some front section of your hair, and secure them with a rubber band. Then make a rough, pony of your remaining hair, that too, as high as you can. Now take that portion which was secured by a rubber band, make a raise of them. Further, secure them with some bobby pins this time, with your ponytail. Now take some Bobby pins and place them in the back of the rubber band of your ponytail, to make it look higher. And that’s how you’re ready to go out, and mesmerize everyone by your hairstyle.




These were some easy hairstyles to change your fine thin hair and adding extra volume to them. But as it has always been better to take prevention than cure. However, if you don’t have fine, thin hair naturally then you must take care of them. Before it’s too late, you can take care by keeping these things in mind:


  • Keeping your scalp clean, it’s a myth that it’s not important to keep it clean. If you don’t keep it healthy and would not nourish it. Then, what’s the point of spending lakhs of money on it.Oil them often, making roots stronger and strongest.


  • Use sulphate free shampoo, as it’s one of the most harmful elements for your hair, and would damage them.


  • Wash your hair with cold to normal temperature water only (avoid hot water).


  • Remember a saying, “You’re what you eat”, so avoid eating too much oily /junk food. Diet and vitamin plays a major role here, and overall for your body.


  • Add colours to your diet, like Green, Red. Learn better things about body positivity and make every move count.

This blog looked at The Best Hairstyles For Fine and Thin Hair. Hopie, it helps..!!

Happy Hairstyling!

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