Things men notice first about women

Things men notice first about women


Isn’t it a curious question about men, that what they actually notice in a woman? We are tired of hearing this myth that women are complicated! But in actual ways, men are the ones who have different objectives about their likings for us. Well, according to the studies, and making men freely talk about the issue, the situation is decoded! Whether it is going out or inviting inn, making an impression always matters. The gestures are very important and are always noticed. If you want to impress someone, your appearance can make an opinion. The way you talk, behave, dress-up and hold your body language are enough for others to judge or make an image about you. When it comes to men, all these impressions do get into the priority. For a date or a casual meeting, men have their own spaces for accepting you. This blog looks at, Things men notice first about women.

In some of the popular magazine survey, it has been noticed that most of the men get attracted to your gestures, the way you talk, and your body language. Not only that, they give huge importance to the style and length of your hair as well. Take a look at the things below which men notice about women very first, it may help you for getting through a man’s heart, apart from food.

Things men notice first about women :


The very first for sure! If we are meeting a person for the first time, we obviously do not want an attitude in between. Having a beautiful and warm smile around and filling the environment with joy is definitely appreciated. Men consider the smile an approach. If a woman is smiling through while a chat, she is an attractive personality.

Also, it has been said that men feel more relaxed and confident around these women. With this, he also would like to see you much, because c’mon, nobody wants those granted-wrinkles on the nose or a forehead. Smiling makes them feel that you are comfortable with them and their conversation, it makes you look friendly. They say, “Beauty is power, but a smile is its sword”.



It’s not only the mouth that talks, but eyes also have their own language! Do not underestimate your eyes, they convey much more than your words. If you are smiling and your eyes aren’t, it is as bad as faking your gestures. Do not just have a happy conversation but also talk with your eyes. Make a contact with his eyes, it conveys some direct signals. Though it’s not about having those big-round eyes, many women take it wrong when we say beautiful eyes, no, your shape is just perfect. It is about flaunting them throughout your conversation.

Sometimes, it may get flirty, but it’s okay, they never lie! You know what they say, “The eyes are the windows to your soul”.

It is not the hair flips or touching your hair all the time.

Men notice your hair because it is visible on the first go, and in some way, it glows your appearance. Hair plays an important role as it either can make you look good or not so good! For your impressions, you should probably have a nice wash on that day and make it look more bloomed and shiny. It says a lot about yourself too. It conveys that you like to take care of yourself and look after your appearance.

But men have their own choices for this as well. Some of them like short or straight or curly or long or thick or some will just be okay with anything. But, it is not about their preferences, what they really will notice is how you maintain them and carry out in front of them.


3.Dressing Style.

It is said that women are really appropriate about a man’s dressing style but men notice these things more than a woman! It is important for them how you would like to represent yourself for or in front of them.

Being too casual on a first meet is not at all an option! Men judge your personality by the sense of your style as well. That how important your first meet it. And remember, for different occasions, there are different styles and outfits.

The way you smell and carry the accessories are also very essential! Too much of accessories can be disturbing and not at all can be boring. Maintain the ratio itself. Wear your best perfume and you are ready than ever before!


No doubt! Men do notice your body for sure. But that is not a bad thing, it’s not they judge you over your body type. Not only that, men do get to know whether you are comfortable with your body while having a dress on or not. As, who wants the attention to get diverted?

That is why do not try very hard on yourself. Make sure that your dress isn’t pinching or scratching you anywhere. You don’t need to wear that Lil’ black dress all the time! If you are not okay with short/mini dresses, go with an elegant gown instead.

If you are shy with a healthy body, Stop! It is noticed that men like curves more. But that does not mean that you are skinny so you should change, no. The preferences can change the time you meet someone who puts you comfortable and treat you well.

5.Sense of Humor.

You know that a man would make a lot of efforts to make a conversation interesting and to make you laugh in between. Same goes for the women in the story. Men expect ladies to have a good sense of humour.

They like it when you joke in between and get them a chance to laugh. Be a little frank and take some initiatives for him as well. Gentlewomen is also a thing! But, they know what you are doing. Just they do not point out stuff, does not mean that they don’t notice! If you are faking your gestures or your impressions, they know!

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”.

Whether it is a formal interview or a first meet date, confidence is necessary. Don’t be shy, you are there to know each other. Men find it way attractive when a woman is confident and bold, in a positive way. Confidence breeds beauty. You know that the way you talk is always noticed, so your confidence to open up and make the conversation on pace is a plus point! Have that energy on the place, men do want you to have a strong sense. It is one of the features to carry yourself in front of others and make an impression. Ever heard of, “beauty attracts the eyes, but personality captures the heart.”?


Weird? Well, it is true though.

Men take a lot of notice on your footwear like you are wearing those high-heels or pointy pumps. They may not know what they are called in categories, but they still find it important. High-heels are probably what they prefer, as it gives your legs a good shape and determines your edgy personality.


That quirky walk would definitely not impress him. Match your footwear with your outfit, like which type of heel would glance and showcase your dress more beautiful. Co-ordinate!

Doesn’t matter the inches of those heels but shape and theme do matter according to your dress as well as the occasion.

It isn’t new!

Men like those toned legs! It is one of the things men notice most of the times. Not only the shape of your legs, the movements of them too. The way you sit cross-legs and when those calves appear, is way attractive to them. Looks of the legs are romantic for them when women wear skirts, shorts or dresses. Remember, make sure to have clean-smooth legs. Shave or wax out the hair from your body. You really do not want him to show your hair growth! Apart, it does not matter if you have thick thighs rather slim legs! Men love those curves. You know the drill girl, “thick thighs, save lives”!!

6, Chest.

Didn’t you think that this would be the first thing? Well, this is also a huge myth about men that they notice the size of our upper body at very first. Noticing your boobs is also not wrong. They do not keep noticing them like a creep, but they have their own stigmas. They try to clear out your fertility! Though, this situation appears in some cases only. ‘Not all men are the same’. As a human, we all have different choices and preferences. So what all things are important or noticed to/by one, for the other it can not be a deal at all.


But what’s only important is-being yourself. Men love honesty, even if it is about your weird sleeping or eating habits! ‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself’!

Hope that these points will help you out for the date tonight!

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