Top 10 E-Commerce Sites In India

Top 10 E-Commerce Sites In India


The 21st century is an internet-driven era. The growth of information technology has revolutionized the whole shopping experience. In fact, we live in a world where “Online is the new trendy”. This has given birth to E-commerce or Internet Commerce. With its growing popularity, virtual dealing has become a part of everybody’s life. The platform once utilized only by tech-savvy is now a virtual platform for several human activities. Each country is unique in its way and hence, their needs differ. When we talk about online shopping, Globally supreme sites are also popular within the country. For instance, Amazon ranks topmost in the shopping sites and 6th behind Facebook and Google etc. Sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart and amazon’s India unit are now leading global sites all across the world. Wondering about topmost E-commerce sites? Don’t worry. This blog looks at the top 10 E-commerce sites in India.


Indians are embracing Modernity :


Although not mature, yet the E-commerce world and Indian internet have 100’s of millions of users. With an astonishing count of FIVE SIXTY million users of the internet, Indians are yet 50% of a total count of 1.37 Billion. “The world at fingertips”  specifically suits Indians the best as they indeed rely on mobile phones for online shopping. The new concept of marketing and dealing has led to the fast emergence of E-commerce services in India.


ranks top in e-commerce

Let’s have a look at at the top 10 E-commerce sites in India:


1.Amazon India

Founded by Jeff Bezos and based in the US, it was started as a bookstore in 1994. Later, it expanded and included products such as apparel, furniture, food, electronics, jewellery etc. With its constant growth, it is now a globally renowned e-commerce website. Amazon started its website in India in 2013. Almost six years after Flipkart, its staggering growth is a result of tough competition, creative advertisement and localization. In today’s scenario, it is a global leader and has transformed into brick-and-mortar retail. Hence, an accession of whole Foods Market, video streaming, publishing, electronics, production and cloud computing. Owner of up to 40 subsidiaries, Audible is one of the most popular Audio entertainment programmes. It has been called to as “one of the most influential cultural and economic forces in the world” and the world’s most valuable brand.

Amazon: Not to be confused with the Indian unit, Amazon is the parent website. Indians use it prominently for shopping from International brands. Above all people love to buy cosmetics and electronics. It is referred to as an “ everything shop” as it covers all the product categories required by us.

From buying Rivona lip balm to a mobile charger, it has been a part of every individual’s life.



The prince of e-commerce stands the second rank in site popularity. Based on Banglore, Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce website. Founded by Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007, it centred on selling books. Further, it expanded and included electronics, lifestyle products, fashion and groceries. It is real-time popular for selling electronics. With its 100 million monthly users behind Amazon, it gave a tough competition to international big shots. However, the online multiple categories store sold 77% of itself to one of the largest American company, Walmart (USD$ 16 billion). The giant is also an owner of a mobile payment service, Phone Pe based on UPI. According to 2017 data, Flipkart held 39.5% the shares of the Indian e-commerce industry.

Want to buy today’s special deal Jbl headphones and speaker at 50% off. Visit Flipkart.



Based in New Delhi, Snapdeal was founded by Bahl and Rohit Bansal. Initially, a daily deals platform turned out into a marketplace in 2011. It is a self-acknowledged online Indian Walmart. In fact, it ranks 3rd in the list. Founder of Snapdeal shared that he wanted his company to walk on the footsteps of Alibaba. Besides, he called Snapdeal a “ technology platform to bring the buyers and sellers together” simultaneous to an e-commerce website. Recently, in 2019, snapdeal has joined INTA to support the online market’s intellectual property. Further, Snapdeal has been blessed with several funds which it receives frequently. First being given by and Indo-US Venture Partners Nexus Venture Partners and ( worth US$12 million).

Subsequently, e-commerce websites must function as a market place, it isn’t a big deal for Snapdeal. It also acquired free charge initially. Currently, it functions as a Snapdeal 2.0 version.



Based in China, Alibaba was founded in 1999. It is an internationally recognized prominent e-commerce player. Being owned by the Alibaba Group Holding, it is a huge multinational mingling. Consequently, it provides multiple things from E-commerce to retail. Now in 2020, It has been the 6th highest global brand valuation. Comparing with its Indian competitors, Alibaba offers an extensive range of products. It includes a kitchen, clothes, kid’s section, electronics, hardware and jewellery etc. However, have you ever noticed Alibaba advertisements in India? You might have. Indians often buy electronics and purchase products in bulk. All thanks to Aliexpress shipping service. Likewise, not only an e-commerce site, but it has also been ranked 5th in the list AI companies. Currently, it ranks in Forbes Global 2000 2020.

5.eBay India


Based in California, eBay is an American multinational company. Founded by Pierre M. Omidya, it a multibillion-dollar player operational in 32 countries. Therefore, it is a platform which has truly eased the people’s and businesses buying and selling experience online. The sellers pay an amount after a limit of free listing of products. Pay Pal was one of the subsidiary services of eBay till 2015. Once was a tough competition to Amazon, eBay made huge profits in India. eBay India is an Indian unit of A marketplace for resellers and it eases the experience by offering a peculiar service. WANT TO KNOW, WHAT? It allows Indians to buy products of the International marketplace in our currency. It has an Indian payment platform named as PaisaPay. Moreover, your transactions are safe. It’s reliable.


Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Shopclues was founded in 2011. The only website which centred daily utility items from the very starting. Above all, the company functions over 32,000 Pincode covering the length and breadth of the country. In 2015, the site launched its mobile app. Now, it made it easy for people to have a hustle free buying and selling experience. Additionally, the steady profit-seekers have made huge profits with IPO by 2017.

7. Quikr


A Banglore based set up. Quikr is an Indian e-commerce website. Likewise, it is one of the most famous advertisement platforms, it has tough competition with Olx. It allows listening to approx 100 Indian cities. It deals in rent, home needs, cars, electronic etc. From finding tuition to a job, people often refer to quikr. Indeed, it is almost an “ Online classified”, accessible for free of cost. An online platform for promoting small businesses, quikr is a huge marketplace. Above all, it provides an instant message and missed call service to ease the conversion of its customers. Besides, it had a hike in real state listings, it is now a US dollar 346 billion which initially started with 10 investors.


Founded by Falguni Nayar and based in Mumbai, Nykaa deals in fashion, beauty and wellness category. When it comes to buying branded and reliable beauty products, Then the first thought is NYKAA. Initially, it sold fashion products of multiple brands. Now, it’s up with its in house production. Next, it has come up with its own beauty line range. Its product category includes makeup, skin, wellness, personal care, fragrances so on and so forth. Maintain your dazzling charm by buying from Nykaa. Of course, it has been widely loved and praised by women all across the country. This resulted in Nykaa to host ‘Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards’ in association with female’s lifestyle popular magazine Femina (India).

9. Firstcry

“BIG STORE FOR LITTLE ONES “, SAYS IT ALL. Founded in 2010, Firstcry is an e-commerce stage for your cute little one’s. Yes, it’s a baby product and baby care retailing brand. The first store was there in Srinagar and from then it is expanding to reach heights. This platform offers a range from 1000’s of brands. From a small bootie to a frock, everything is just a click away here. Again, it is the pioneer and prominent brand for kiddos. NOW, they have 380 stores across the length and breadth of the country. Next, Firstcry is regarded as  “Asia’s largest online shopping store for kids & baby products”. Since 2016 First Cry acquired a unit of Mahindra group. Thus, they jointly work as a FirstCry Mahindra Venture.




Founded in 2007, Myntra’s headquarters are in Bengaluru. Initially, it offers personalized gifting products. As of now. It is a leading fashion e-commerce site. However, primarily famous for apparels and function as a lifestyle retail brand. Since 2014, Myntra comes under  Flipkart. Even, it is a leading player in India. With its strong presence over the internet through the mobile application, Myntra is also giving a tough competition to Jabong. Want some cool and trendy clothes, Myntra is the leading youth companion. Yes, indeed, they primarily focus on “ Fashion-conscious people”. Are you one of them, give a try to Myntra!

Therefore, E-commerce is a new lifestyle!

Your FAVOURITE stuff is waiting. In brief, just give a click on your mobile phone, and place orders from the comfort of your home.

Above all, have the product right there at your doorstep.

This blog tried to look at the top 10 E-commerce sites in India.

Cheers to easy shopping!

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